Ba Dum Dum Tss

March 27, 2018

Hello and welcome to "Ba Dum Dum Tss" your home for non sequitur humor.

Tonight: Tricorders. We "blur" the lines between this epsidoe and our best of's

Grandpa Baker emparts some wisdom and he takes on the fcc.

Animals rights will be discussed.

You'll discover where the finacing came form for our podcast.

explicit as always.

brought to you by frito-lay and baskets and fuller house on netficks


The Story So Far Podcast

December 2, 2017

The Story So Far Podcast

Is a pretty fair description.

Tonight, we feature:


The Auction Joke, The Message Board Joke, Okra Farmer Joke

and tons more!


 Thesaurus Rich & Oblong "Turkey Gobbler" Charlie

And me


Terror on the Farm at Ashland Berry Farm

October 24, 2017

Hello and welcome to "Terror on the Farm at Ashland Berry Farm" our, third year running, where we sneak our mic into a Halloween attraction. Join us and troll doll and see if we survive the:

Demons Den

Zombie Quarantine

Sorcerers Hollow and

Booger Woods

thanks mild explicit


Podcasting! With Microphones (Faux) Best of Episode: Singing Folk Songs With Charles and John: Podcasting! With Wax Cylinders

September 20, 2017

Welcome to a "best of" episode of the podcast

We figured out that since it's an audio format; we can stage "best of" segments.

we had fun doing clips that you won't hear in another episode.


It's a little more explicit than most episodes!!!!!!

Our understudies finally get a chance to shine!!!

Rich proves why he is the funniest man in podcasting today!!

Stay tuned for the "What-a-Man Podcast" near the end!



Podcasting Unwillingly

August 31, 2017

Welcome to "Podcasting Unwillingly"

The Worlds Most Popular Joke & Risk® Podcast!

Your home for wearily improvised fun!!!

On tonights musical episode: We introduce a "NEW SEGMENT"

We play our improv game "Punchlines" and give a little background as far as our improv

Rejoignez-nous pour UN chat amusement en Anglais!!! 

              Stay tuned near the end for the 2nd episode of "G'DAY MATE!"                        A British "Australian culture" appreciation podcast         



Don’t Make It Easy On Them, To Control You. No, Yeah. Kick & Scream the Whole Time: Pardcasting! With Microphones Presents: Best of Volume 2: It’s Not My Lack of a Podcast That’s Holding Me Back

August 8, 2017

When I set out to do the second best of i had no idea the undertaking i was getting myself into. Bad audio in every sense of the word. Sound Issues and boring parts removed. If you've stuck with us this long: thank you.

I think I have an idea of what's funny, so should all be funny from here on out.

In this volume you'll hear us talk about: Arbor Day, family bonding over stand-up, our love of "The Goon" and pardcasting in general.

We'll also tie up a few loose ends, pirate radio and much pirate chat, FXX, and we'll take a trip down memory lane.

Hope you are ready for bad beboxing and jokes from the "Best Jokes" jokebook published in 1936. Enjoy. explicit

Collects Episodes: FXX, Sandels, Not an Astronaut, Pardcasting With Microphones Presents: You're Dead To Me, and Best Joke Book 1934 and Best Joke Bonus Content


We Have a Situation Here

July 22, 2017
  • We Have a Situation Here


We attempt a new segment: "Charles eats a bug!". {he abandons "yes, and.."!}

Rich talks about his tools of the trade.

Jolly Ranchers are taken down a peg.

It's well-constructed insanity



The Sillybusiness Show

July 10, 2017

The words "aimless" & "meandering", arent thrown around too often, when being used to describe a podcast. But here: we do just that! We're too tired to stick with anything for very long but we still give it a try.

Someone reveals their deepest secret, as we discuss overall health.

A game at the end.                                                              Explicit


Pardcasting! With Microphones (a new hope) Presents: I have to Podcast

June 25, 2017

(a new hope) Has emerged in the podcasting world:

Welcome to "Pardcasting! With Microphones (a new hope) Presents: I have to Podcast".

Welcome new listeners. We will tackle some big social issues We steal a game form another podcast: we give the Last Man Stanton game (from the popular Doug Loves Movies Podcast) the old college try.

We may have found the next Mel Brooks!

the only Risk® is mouse clicks and giggles!



Rich’s Saturday Morning Podcast

June 6, 2017

Rich's Saturday Morning Podcast. Not recorded or released on Saturday morning, nor is it hosted by rich. Step right up and harken: we discuss signs you've made it. Edward Norton might show up, on the sly. Listen up for a special promotion. Thanks for listening. Tell me what you think!!!!