Don’t Make It Easy On Them, To Control You. No, Yeah. Kick & Scream the Whole Time: Pardcasting! With Microphones Presents: Best of Volume 2: It’s Not My Lack of a Podcast That’s Holding Me Back

August 8, 2017

When I set out to do the second best of i had no idea the undertaking i was getting myself into. Bad audio in every sense of the word. Sound Issues and boring parts removed. If you've stuck with us this long: thank you.

I think I have an idea of what's funny, so should all be funny from here on out.

In this volume you'll hear us talk about: Arbor Day, family bonding over stand-up, our love of "The Goon" and pardcasting in general.

We'll also tie up a few loose ends, pirate radio and much pirate chat, FXX, and we'll take a trip down memory lane.

Hope you are ready for bad beboxing and jokes from the "Best Jokes" jokebook published in 1936. Enjoy. explicit


We Have a Situation Here

July 22, 2017
  • We Have a Situation Here


We attempt a new segment: "Charles eats a bug!". {he abandons "yes, and.."!}

Rich talks about his tools of the trade.

Jolly Ranchers are taken down a peg.

It's well-constructed insanity



The Sillibusiness Show

July 10, 2017

The words "aimless" & "meandering", arent thrown around too often, when being used to describe a podcast. But here: we do just that! We're too tired to stick with anything for very long but we still give it a try.

Someone reveals their deepest secret, as we discuss overall health.

A game at the end.                                                              Explicit


Pardcasting! With Microphones (a new hope) Presents: I have to Podcast

June 25, 2017

(a new hope) Has emerged in the podcasting world:

Welcome to "Pardcasting! With Microphones (a new hope) Presents: I have to Podcast".

Welcome new listeners. We will tackle some big social issues We steal a game form another podcast: we give the Last Man Stanton game (from the popular Doug Loves Movies Podcast) the old college try.

We may have found the next Mel Brooks!

the only Risk® is mouse clicks and giggles!



Rich’s Saturday Morning Podcast

June 6, 2017

Rich's Saturday Morning Podcast. Not recorded or released on Saturday morning, nor is it hosted by rich. Step right up and harken: we discuss signs you've made it. Edward Norton might show up, on the sly. Listen up for a special promotion. Thanks for listening. Tell me what you think!!!!


We Can’t Put This Up! Best of: Battles With Swine and Gods

May 29, 2017

More of a remix than a best of

We Can't Put This Up! Best of: Battles With Swine and Gods" the best of the first six episodes.

You'll hear: Charles' orgin story, the orgin of his Soapbox, Pitbull and how he sees japan.

One of our first sketches "Don't Curse".

and pardon our French

Save yourself some time and CHECK IT OUT!


Metallica: PARDCASTING! A Year in A’Life: Part Two

April 30, 2017

When "How About Metallica!?!" ended did you think that night was over? What if i told you that night was only halfway over!!! Here it is, the second part of the loosely connected Pardcast this one entitled "Metallica Pt.2"

Features: "bong, bong, bong" sketch, a brief take on stress. We try to endorse PAID advertisers BAskets on fxx but someone didnt read his update sheet before showtime, still we all love zack galifianakis and look forward to another terrific season of baskets on fxx




April 27, 2017

It's high flying adventure, in a sketch heavy episode:  How about Metallica!?!.

Tonight we talk to a revolutionary turncoat, A down on his luck sawdust manufacture, The "terrible secreto" sketch and Charles waxes poetic on being "the commissioner".



Easter Seals is an American nonprofit charitable organization that assists more than one million children and adults with disabilities and special needs through a network of more than 550 service sites


Knittens, the Podcast

April 7, 2017

Greetings and welcome to Knittens, the podcast. A podcast about kittens and knitting.

A revealing episode: featuring: finding new spirituality, someone has joined a band! and it all ends with talking about what the future might hold.  *note: The poet that comes up is Langston Hughes.

Mildly explicit


The Cat That Ate the Canary Podcast

March 10, 2017
Welcome friends to the much anticipated "The Cat That Ate the Canary Podcast". Tonights antics include: The improvisation of movies we have never seen, we discuss if the savings in maintenance cost would outweigh the murderousness of having a (Stephen Kings) Christine like car, and lots of one-shot podcast tonight.
explicit from curse words not so much in concepts, thanks

Father:  That cat made an awful noise in the back garden last night.
Son:  Yes, sir.  I guess that since he ate the canary, he thinks he can sing.