The Cat That Ate the Canary Podcast

March 10, 2017
Welcome friends to the much anticipated "The Cat That Ate the Canary Podcast". Tonights antics include: The improvisation of movies we have never seen, we discuss if the savings in maintenance cost would outweigh the murderousness of having a (Stephen Kings) Christine like car, and lots of one-shot podcast tonight.
explicit from curse words not so much in concepts, thanks

Father:  That cat made an awful noise in the back garden last night.
Son:  Yes, sir.  I guess that since he ate the canary, he thinks he can sing.


Bonus episode Podcasting! With Microphones

February 27, 2017

Join Jason and John as we discuss what we would do if we had a fully funded podcast and were limited only by our imagination. Abraham Lincoln and Robocop might stop by.



Bonnet Chat

February 9, 2017

Who would name an entire episode after a joke that pays off halfway through? We would here.

Hello and welcome to Bonnet Chat! Join us for "A Podcast Actor Does a Podcast" sketch.

We finally get into potato salad. We interview Rich's refrigeration.

We reflect on how many podcast we have done so far.

There is no dignity in podcasting, explicit


The “Man On the Street” Podcast

January 17, 2017

Check out: The "Man On the Street" Podcast!  A podcast so nice they closed it out twice.

We discuss recent topical issues! Abominable Snowman! and the peoples shadow organization!

Stay tuned for a special suprise at the end



We Interupt This Podcast

December 31, 2016

Thank you for joining us for "We Interupt This Podcast", Risk® the game of global domination podcast.

Featuring Richard the LionHearted (last name removed) as a retired buffalo soldier, John the Laundry-Bag as hat rental store clerk, and Charles the Fly-Paper-Baker as Monty Sinclair world famous risk announcer.

Rich tells us why he got into podcasting, Charles tells us about his experience being apart of C.A.G.

The Hat rental store improv and one sentence improvs and much horse abuse. explicit


Pet Shop Boys

December 14, 2016

Greetings and welcome to Pet Shop Boys, A show that has little if anything to do with the band.

We read from the farmers almanac with amusing explicit results!!!!


Talk Soup

December 8, 2016

Tonight on Talk Soup, Dish Chat, Dishing with Charles:

Pitbull revisited, A year of podcast jokes, Stew-Stew-Studio.

We talk about when we found out when santa wasnt real and see if we can name all the SNL movies.

Soup-er villain.  Explicit


Oh My God That’s an Awful Fucking Joke

November 24, 2016

Oh my god that's an awful fucking joke!", charles exclaimed after getting that my efforts to seek an opinion on my portable microphone were the reasons i kept stopping him, explaining, i was getting "feedback".
this was the improv that followed (law and order sound)

very explicit, but not too bad


Christmas mix CD

November 15, 2016

This is a christmas mix of songs i made, for my family, a number of years ago. Made to play into itself, (last song plays into the first) a great mix of christmas songs.  I do not own rights to any of the music 


Rhombus Talk

November 10, 2016

New episode, Rhombus Talk! With better sound! Igloos, Bridges, we visit an out of work telecommuter waiting on a vegtable shipment. We celebrate one year recording.  Mildly explixcit